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I finished the fourth Nightwish album (“Century Child”) for the cut out poetry project. I was lucky enough to see them perform the newest album, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.” Meeting Troy, Marco, and Tuomas was exciting, since I’ve been a fan for three years.

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Poetry Project Update

Poetry Project #6: Less than 60 songs left from Nightwish. The goal is to finish them before the new album is released next year, and then do those songs! Poetry Project #7: I finished the Firefly episodes and the Serenity movie. So fun to write with orange ink in an orange handmade book. Poetry Project …

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Poetry Project #6

This year I started poetry projects. I pick a subject and then write several poems on it to explore the subject in-depth. This year I have explored the following. I love you, I know bracelets Hands Fear Fruits, vegetables, and mothers The Phoenix Project And now I’m working on taking song lyrics and cutting them …

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