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NaNo 2017–Day 20

I made it to 50,000 words on the 13th. I was able to officially validate my novel today and be declared a winner. Right now I have 55,952 words. Now to finish some letters for my book and work on the comic layouts.

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NaNo 2016

Ending this NaNo with 11,792 words. I didn’t make much progress this month due to illness and lack of time with school, but I do intend to continue working on this novel next year and to have a nicer draft by the end of 2017. I will also work on drawings and layouts of the …

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Prompt–Sunday, January 1

Create a list of New Year’s Resolutions for one of your characters. I’ll do one for my April Novel’s protagonist Charlotte. Research about being a first time mother Prepare the baby’s room (crib, blankets, toys, clothing, etc.) Finish the painting for the baby’s room Find a job Do something fun

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