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Reading and NaNo Prep

Preparing for NaNo is almost complete. I intend to read 1984 and Brave New World before November. Researching diaries and letters for my own graphic novel, Ashes: The Graphic Novel, has led me to interesting diary novels published in the last few years. I’ve collected different diaries and letter collections from writers and artists I …

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Finished Another Journal

I finished my 12th journal. It is neat to see the volumes next to each other on my writing bookshelf. I will probably not be as prolific as Anais Nin with her diaries, but this article shows that writing in a journal can take you deeper into your stories.

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Journal Complete

I finished my second journal yesterday. Some people call it a diary, I call mine a journal. I used diaries as a kid, but my entries were years apart. In college I’ve made more of an effort to write about my daily life if not every day, then every few days. The act of writing …

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