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Prompt–Monday, March 19

Embarrassment. Fear. Something. Using these three words, write. A skirt hitched too high lets in a breeze for all to see a white slip and bare legs.

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The end of Poetry Project #2

Today marks the end of my poetry project on hands, which expanded into the body during the first week. The poetry projects have been a fascinating and great exercise. I think I’ll keep doing it. But this time, I won’t limit myself to two weeks. I’ll work with fear until I feel ready to move …

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Fear has been the topic of the last couple of letters exchanged between Theresa and myself. What is fear? Why do we let fear hold us back? I read “10 Ways to Harness Fear and Fuel Your Writing” by Sage Cohen in Writer’s Digest September 2011 issue. The sentence “Fear exists to keep us safe” …

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