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More Novel Progress

I went to Seed Coworking and for two hours, I worked on my novel and talked to fellows. In the process, I wrote 20 entries of my novel, which beats my record of 11. Yesterday I finished a research book, and I walked away with even more ideas for entries. Looks like I’ll be able …

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Sometimes I was stumped when I sat down to write—when I started writing seriously. So I turned to prompts for help. I used books like “The Writer’s Book of Matches” by the staff of Fresh Boiled Peanuts and “The Write Brain Workbook” by Bonnie Neubauer, as well as ones my teachers gave me in class. …

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Fear has been the topic of the last couple of letters exchanged between Theresa and myself. What is fear? Why do we let fear hold us back? I read “10 Ways to Harness Fear and Fuel Your Writing” by Sage Cohen in Writer’s Digest September 2011 issue. The sentence “Fear exists to keep us safe” …

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