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Goals for 2014–February Update

Poems read: 96/365 Poems written: 49/365 Short stories read: 98/365 Short stories written: 10/52 Books read: 20/52 Submissions: 2/24 Videos made: 9/100 Sketches made: 65/365 Art pieces made: 22/52 Bookbinding–made 11 books this year Sketching–in progress! Ink drawings–in progress! Urban Sketching Charcoal Markers–in progress! Watercolor–in progress! Acrylic Finger paint Digital–in progress! Joseph Cornell boxes Warhol …

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Goals for 2014–January Update

Poems read: 89/365 Poems written: 40/365 Short stories read: 67/365 Short stories written: 6/52 Books read: 9/52 Submissions: 1/24 Videos made: 6/100 Sketches made: 31/365 Art pieces made: 14/52 Bookbinding–made 11 books Sketching–in progress! Ink drawings Urban Sketching Charcoal Markers Watercolor–in progress! Acrylic Finger paint Digital Joseph Cornell boxes Warhol Project Photography–in progress! Music composition …

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Goals for 2012

Every year I like to pick a word that is the center of my goals for the year: 2008 was Passion, 2009 was Improvement, 2010 was Writing, 2011 was Writing and Publication, and 2012 is … Writing! But what else would I like to do in 2012? Travel? Translation? Create! The word for 2012 is …

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