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Lunch and Supplies

I went to Lunch ’n’ Learn: Learn how to craft your own beer at Seed Coworking. So if I write about home brewing, I can be educated about it, like Lawrence Coates’ “The Garden of the World” with whiskey stills and winemaking. Also stopped at Art Supply Depo and got more charcoal supplies. Maybe Charlotte specializes in …

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Novel Progress

I am taking steps to finish the third draft of my April novel, aka Charlotte’s story. During my first work session at Seed Coworking, I wrote 12 entries and organized my recipes into sections. Awesome.

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ToledoWiki and Seed Coworking

Earlier this evening I went to the ToledoWiki editing party at Seed Coworking. It was fun to explore the pages and create my own. I started one for writing hotspots. And I became a member of Seed Coworking. So at least once a month I will go and work on finishing a novel draft.

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