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Last Day!

It’s the final day of 2011. Celebrating New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a time to reflect on the past and make new goals for the future. So 2011 was an odd year. I sprained my finger, moved to an apartment, published two poems, learned to make different breads, read more books, wrote a …

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I typed what I had handwritten at the Prairie Margins Write-In Friday and what I wrote in one of the sessions at Winter Wheat yesterday. So a total of 24,654 words for me. My sprained finger is doing better. I go to the doctor Tuesday for a check up. Wish me luck for typing faster …

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I sprained my finger…of course

Yesterday I sprained my left index finger. So I wrote on my phone’s notepad feature in the ER but I didn’t meet the word count. Good thing I hurt my left hand since I’m right-handed. Lucky too I’ve taught myself to type one-handed. Hopefully I can still finish NaNo.

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