Prompt–Saturday, September 24

Make a list of your favorite short stories, poems, and/or novels, whatever you want. Add to it as you discover new ones.

Short Stories:

A Good Man is Hard to Find–Flannery O’Connor
Porque no Tiene, Porque le Falta–Robert Stone
The Oldest Story–Emilia Pardo Bazan
Barn Burning–William Faulkner


When I have fears–John Keats
Fire and Ice–Robert Frost
This Be the Verse–Philip Larkin
Susana Soca–Jorge Luis Borges


  1. I don’t really have time to make such a list as it would be rather long. Instead, I’m going to cheat and just thow out a few stories that I’ve found exceptionally enjoyable during the past few weeks.

    “The Wide, Carnivorous Sky”- John Langan
    “Still Life With Apocalypse”- Richard Kadrey
    “The People of Sand and Slag”- Poalo Bacigalupi
    “This is Now”- Michael Marshall Smith

  2. Thanks for sharing! My list would be rather long too, but it’s one that can grow.

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