Halfway there…

The semester is nearly half over already. But some exciting things have happened.

My contest with a writing friend to see who could write the most short stories resulted in her finishing one and me starting two. We decided to revise our contest for October with the goal to finish the most short stories. Then National Novel Writing Month in November for me. (www.nanowrimo.org)

And one of the best parts? I got a typewriter.

The portable typewriter case.

The actual typewriter.

The booklet that was included.

A closer look at the keys.

I only need to clean it and find ribbon that fits. Then I can type away!

In the last week I finished reading “Tobacco Road” by Erskine Caldwell and worked on other projects.

I picked up a copy of “Book of Haikus” by Jack Kerouac. I’m very pleased with what I’ve read so far. One haiku that struck me is:

The windmills of
Oklahoma look
In every direction

The image does a lot for me. I can see the windmill and the flat terrain. And Don Quixote comes to mind. Maybe he’s fighting giants in Oklahoma. What do you think? What’s your favorite haiku?

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