Preparing for NaNoWriMo

November is only days away. I’m going to participate this year, and until Tuesday I considered working on two projects (for a total of 100,000 words? Nah. Then I would consider myself insane.) But I will continue to work on my April novel, mostly expanding scenes from her backstory and exploring her present adventure.

Brian Klems shares his NaNo experiences. You can find the original article here:

What I found fascinating was what he gained from the experience. I agree that NaNo is fun and made me productive. I also participated twice, and both times I ended up with material I couldn’t really use, even though I hope to return to those projects some day. This November feels like it will be different–because this project is different from the previous two.

So we’ll see how November pans out. I’ll update my word count for you and keep you updated with NaNo events in Bowling Green.

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