Yesterday I had a total of 42,314 words, and today after my writing session I have 45,038. So close to the legendary 50,000! I am pleased though that I was able to catch up. Spraining your finger during NaNo is not something I’d recommend, but at least NaNo 2011 will be a NaNo to remember.

I have five scenes left to write, all major ones which will dictate how the novel ends. With four days to write them, it will be interesting to see how Charlotte’s story will come to a close.

As for December? I am thinking of taking a break and enjoying a meal at one of my favorite restaurants as a treat for finishing NaNo. Then on to a short story contest with my friend, which we tried to do in September and October. I’ve been playing with the idea of trying to see how many days in a row I can write a full short story. What do you think?

It was fun to sit down yesterday and read after writing and doing some homework. I read “The Song of Lunch” by Christopher Reid and “Show Up, Look Good” by Mark Wisniewski.


  1. Congratulations on almost being finished.

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