Spring Semester Texts

The Spring 2012 semester I will be taking the following classes: Contemporary Fiction, Senior BFA Thesis Workshop, Introduction to Folklore and Folklife, and Perspectives on International Media. These classes collectively complete my undergraduate career.

I’ll need the following textbooks, which I will most likely share with you:

Perspectives on International Media

  1. Little Bunch of Madmen: Elements of Global Reporting—Rosenblum
  2. World News Prism—Hachten
  3. Forever War—Filkins
  4. Hoda: How I survived war zones, cancer—Kopb
  5. Media Relations Dept. of Hizbollah—Macfarquhar
  6. Mission Al-jazeera—Rushing
  7. Naked in Baghdad—Garrels
  8. Night Draws Near—Shadid
  9. Then they came for me—Bahari

Senior BFA Thesis Workshop

  1. Best American Short Stories 2011—Brooks
  2. Norton Anthology Of Modern and Contemporary poetry, vol. 2—Ramazani

Contemporary Fiction

  1. Cathedral—Carver
  2. Confederacy of Dunces—Toole
  3. Curtain—Kundera
  4. Grendel—Gardner
  5. Unbearable Lightness of Being—Kundera
  6. White Hotel—Thomas
  7. Wide Sargasso Sea—Rhys

Introduction to Folklore and Folklife

  1. Emergence of Folklore in Everyday life—Schoemaker

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