First Day of Classes

The first day of my final semester at Bowling Green went well. I did better on the pop quiz of international trivia than I expected (six out of ten). Check out these quizzes and see how you do:

As for contemporary fiction, we started reading “In the Heart of the Heart of the Country” by William Gass.

“He badly needs a shave, coal dust has layered his face, he spits when he speaks, and his fingers pick at his tatters. He wobbles out in the wind when I leave him, a paper sack mashed in the fold of his arm, the leaves blowing past him, and our encounter drives me sadly home to poetry–where there’s no answer.”

So where is the answer? What’s the question?

And I spent a few hours in the University archives searching for early editions of Prairie Margins. The magazine was originally called “Inkstone.” So excited that I got to hold the first issue, published in 1963.

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