Another interesting week

I finished another journal this past week. When I was a kid I wrote in journals/diaries about every three years. Since I started journaling regularly in January 2011, I’m on my fourth journal. Hopefully the new one lasts for four months.

Reading a short story a day has not been successful. It isn’t a habit yet. Some day.

I purchased the complete poems of Robert Frost and Anne Sexton. Super excited to delve into both, especially since I studied Frost in-depth in modern poetry and I’ve been told that I write like Anne Sexton.

The attempt at apricot bread failed. Let’s just say the bread fell in the middle and forget it happened.

I started reading “Finding Yourself in Transition” by Robert Brumet, and he had this to say about change: “A process is a change or a series of changes that occur over a period of time. A process usually has certain predetermined elements or phases that generally occur in a specific sequence or order. The phases or elements must each occur at the right time in the right order.” (Brumet 25). Immediately I thought of Joseph Campbell and the journey stories I’ve read.

There was a poster sale at school so I stopped by. Aren’t they great?

Star Wars, Phoenix and Imagination.


"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."



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