Trip to New Orleans

The first plane I have ever been on. En route to New Orleans.

I apologize for my hiatus. Last week I went to New Orleans for the American Copy Editor Society conference. I’ve never been to Louisiana or on a plane before.

View from the plane.

Truly a patchwork quilt. From that angle, anyway.

The view from my room's window. Love the railing.

From inside my room. At home with my jacket on the chair.

French Quarter. Dauphine Street.

French Quarter. Horses!

French Quarter. Balconies.

French Quarter. Bourbon Street.

French Quarter.

French Quarter. French Quarter Fest. Chartres Street.

French Quarter. St. Louis Cathedral.

New Orleans Museum of Art.

New Orleans Museum of Art. In the garden.




Aquarium of the Americas. "That way to Bourbon Street."


Aquarium. As the lion roars.

Aquarium. Too many stomachs for me to stomach.

Cafe du Monde.

So excited to eat beignets I almost forgot to take a picture.

Park on Decatur Street where I ate the beignets.

Faulkner's House.

The front of Faulkner's House. Located on Pirates Alley.

The spoils of war.

From top left clockwise: Klee by Donald Wigal; The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor; Collected Stories of Carson McCullers by Carson McCullers; Louisiana Folktales: Lupin, Bouki, and other Creole Stories in French Dialect and English Translation by Alcee Fortier. And when I exited Beckham’s Bookshop Co. on Decatur Street with O’Connor and McCullers, one of the customers said, “That’s half of Southern literature right there.”

Waiting for the streetcar.

On the streetcar. The chair backs move when the car switches directions.

Street Art. "Wilderness begins in the mind."

Street Art.

Twenty-four states left till I’ve been to all fifty.

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