The Phoenix Project

After a letter to Theresa, I was inspired to make watercolor paintings of phoenixes. Each painting was accompanied by a poem and sent via mail.

Sent to Whitney in Fostoria, Ohio.

First Flight

Step onto the branch.
Look down but not for long.
Search for a target in the sky
and leap for it.

Sent to my nephew Will in Cincinnati, Ohio.

First Day of School

With book bag, supplies
and lunch in tow, it’s time
to get on the bus
and wait for the wheels
to turn toward learning.

Sent to my sister Staci in Cincinnati, Ohio.

First Bra

The shelf needs to be
contained with cloth,
wire, lace, ribbons
and bows, a support
network for the twins.

Sent to my Aunt Su in Maineville, Ohio.

First Period

Typical visit to the bathroom
till blood stains the paper.
The first moon smiled.

Sent to my friend Christine in Bowling Green, Ohio.

First Driving Lesson

Keys in hand,
behind the wheel,
stay centered in lane,
practice, practice, practice
slow down!

Sent to my friend Mary in Bowling Green, Ohio.

First Prom

One chance to go
with camera on arm
and no partner.

Sent to my Aunt Helen in Woodstock, Illinois.

First Pelvic Exam

My body realized
it owned a cervix.

Sent to my Dad in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

First Graduation

Four years and the work
is over, ready to be rewarded
with freedom from homework
and group projects. But
learning never ends.

Sent to my friend Melissa in Muncie, Indiana.

First Wedding

The special day, dressed in white,
ready for kisses and hugs,
food and fun with family
and friends, making memories
for years to come.

Sent to my Mom in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

First Baby

A small seed grows and grows,
kicks legs and waves arms
to say Hello Mom, Hello World,
can’t wait to meet you!

Sent to Theresa in Bradner, Ohio.

First Fire

Talons and claws
give way to decent
nails painted with polish
at the salon.
Feathers ragged and soft,
clean and raw with soap,
eyes forever seeing
the process as it unfolds.


  1. Beautiful Project, Suzy! Love the colors, simplicity and verses. You rock. I mean FLY!

  2. Thank you, Sally! It means a lot. 🙂

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