Goals for 2013

My 2012 goal of Create was a success. I made more paintings. I didn’t make much progress on the music quilt, but maybe 2013 will be nicer to it. Wrote several poems and letters I am proud of, finished NaNo, and worked on short stories.

My 2013 word for the year is Productivity.

I already produce quite a bit, but I would like to up the numbers.

  • Read 365 poems
  • Write 365 poems
  • Read 365 short stories
  • Write 24 short stories
  • Make 12 submissions
  • Make 100 videos
  • Make 365 sketches
  • Make 52 pieces of art (watercolor/pencil/paint/collage)

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  1. And I will write lots of letters and create mail art too!

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