An Awesome Week…and it got better

This week was already awesome because I finished typing the third draft of my novel and printed it. I spent happy hours rereading and organizing.

But it got so much better.

  1. I had lunch and The Cookie Jar with my pen pal Whitney from The Letter Project.
  2. The film Imaginaerum with Nightwish music was available for pre-order. Get your copy here.
  3. On Kickstarter I found STORY WAR. Use stories in this card game with your friends.
  4. The anticipation was almost too much between The Lizzie Bennet Diaries episodes this week. Check out Monday’s video and Thursday’s video.
  5. Today I attended Lunch n’ Learn at Seed Coworking about the X-Ray Visualization of Medical images. I loved seeing the inside of an apple using digital technology.
  6. I bought a new sketchbook book and pastel paper at Art Supply Depo. And a new pair of tennis shoes.
  7. When I came home I discovered that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries started a Kickstarter. The YouTube series will be available on DVD.
  8. And The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure and Les Misérables were available on DVD this week.


  1. sagewriter

    What a busy, productive writer you are!

  2. This week was very productive. It’s great to make progress on my novel.

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