Ideal Writing Day

It was fantastic to wake up at a normal hour, make myself breakfast, and go to Seed for a day of writing. I wrote in my journal and worked on short stories, editing one and starting drafts for two others. And for lunch? I had Tony Packo’s for the first time. And of course on my breaks I watched an episode of Community and an episode of South Park for research.

My ideal writing schedule is writing in the morning and reading in the afternoon with a relaxing evening activity. What is your ideal writing day?


  1. sagewriter

    Hi, Suzy.
    My ideal writing day starts when I can take my first cup of coffee to my desk and work on a story I fell asleep pondering. If no one interrupts me before eleven a.m. I’m having a good writing day!
    I’m embarrassed to ask, but what is “Seed” in your post?

  2. Hi! I love your ideal writing day. It’s nice to dream of them and to have one sneak up on you.

    Seed is also known as Seed Coworking, a collaborative coworking space in Toledo. I’ve been going once a week to sit down and write with fewer distractions.

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