E-Books–How Much?

Talking Writing discusses e-books: how much should you pay? Check out this article about the court and this article on how much e-books should cost.

Personally, the most I have paid for an e-book is $9.99. I’ll purchase an e-book if I want to have the book but don’t want it to weigh me down when I move.


  1. I just don’t like ebooks. I’ve had an iPad for about a year to use for school and have used it almost exclusively (in terms of reading) for looking at downloadable PDF handouts or MS Word handouts. I just downloaded the Nook app yesterday and bought my first digital book for $6.99, which isn’t available as a print book (literally the only reason I bought it as an ebook). There are some good books that I’d pay $14.99-$17.99 for if digital reading didn’t bug me so much.

  2. I’m glad you bought your first digital book, Feliza. Digital reading is definitely different. Even though I have the Kindle app on my computer, I’d read on my Kindle first.

    I’ve had my Kindle since January 2012 and downloaded the free classics and poetry collections and purchased a few other titles. It took me until this year to read an entire book on my Kindle. I miss the smell of paper and turning the pages when I read. Maybe someday I’ll feel differently about e-readers, but for now, I would rather have a book in my hands.

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