Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things

Wow. This book explains hoarding and ownership. There are illustrative stories of hoarders, interviewed by Randy O. Frost and Gail Stekettee. Now I’m going to clean out some things and throw them away or donate them.


  1. Funny! Wonderfully done. Helps the actor is charming, not to be confused with competitior (Charmin)!

  2. Well, the comment is for the ad on this page. Re Hoarding: Emptying the baggage isHuge. Cleaning out some things opens space in your psyche, your soul. It’s a physical/spiritual cleansing. I love to shred drafts….and donating other things helps the letting go process. I am a selective hoarder (stories, notes, kids’ possessions), but every autumn I “purge.”
    Keep us posted on your own purging, Suzy!

  3. Thanks, Sally! I’m going through my bookshelves again for books to give away and sell. It’s my goal to have at least one shelf free of books and challenge myself. There is a difference between collecting and hoarding. Collecting can become hoarding when the collection is out of control and interferes with daily life.

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