Finn Family Moomintroll–Tove Jansson

  • I have an idea. What about going to the top of the mountain and making a pile of stones to show that we were the first to get there?
  • Some people look better without hats.
  • As everyone knows, if the first butterfly you see is yellow the summer will be a happy one. If it is white then you will just have a quiet summer. Black and brown butterflies should never be talked about—they are much too sad.
  • Snufkin wasn’t in yet. On such nights he often wandered about alone with his mouth-organ, but tonight there was no song to be heard. He was probably on a voyage of discovery, and soon he would put up his tent by the river, refusing to sleep indoors.
  • Meanwhile Snufkin was wandering along with only the waves for company. He had a wonderful time jumping out of their way at the last minute, and laughing as the snapped in vain at his boots.
  • One must be alone sometimes. But you’re still too young to understand that.
  • It is autumn in Moomin valley, of how else can spring come back again?

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