NaNo–Day 30

At 82,752 words, I am amazed at how much I wrote this month. This is the first year that I finished before the 27th (finished on the 21st). And I finally (FINALLY) validated my NaNo novel, so I officially won NaNo, even though my novel is not quite at the end yet. It has been a strange and wonderful month, considering that I have not spent years fantasizing about this story and set of characters, instead starting at the beginning and being spontaneous as I went along. This has completely changed my approach to writing novels. I didn’t do the usual round of world building questions and answers like I typically do with fantasy novels until the third day when I had questions about the world and its rules. And I think this is a trilogy, my first novel that isn’t a standalone. I’m looking forward to reaching the end and rereading this novel next year.

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