Goals for 2015–June Update

Poems Read: 718/365
Poems Written: 181/365

Short Stories Read: 181/365
Short Stories Written: 15/52

Sketches: 491/365

Art Pieces: 77/52

Handmade Books: 16/52

Books Read: 56/52

Submissions: 93/250

Videos: 0/156

Nightwish Poetry Project: I completed the found poems for all 8 Nightwish albums. I finished typing my poems from the first album, Angels Fall First.

Polish a novel draft: I worked on Charlotte’s novel, both graphic novel and hybrid novel, as well as experimented with new recipes.

Organize a poetry collection: I typed poems from journals, wrote poems, and worked on the Nightwish Poetry Project and Uninvited Guest Cross Out Poetry Project.

This month I worked on the second issue of The Magnolia Review. I’m also preparing for the Grand Rapids Zine Fest in July.

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