June 2020 Update

First of all, do your part and read articles and books about antiracism. There are great resources listed here, here, and here. Black Lives Matter.

I joined the team at Operation Awesome to post weekly about writing, editing, and publishing. I post every Tuesday, and I started a reading series, Q: What Are You Reading?. Check out the first post here.

My first year of graduate school training in art therapy is complete. I have started classes for year two and began researching my thesis.

I wrapped up the January issue of The Magnolia Review after several delays, and I am working on the July issue as we speak.

July is Camp NaNo. I will be participating with the goal to work on my graphic novel. I hope to start the final pages this year, even if it is December 31st.

I apologize for the delays in updates and not posting often. Graduate school is a lot of work. Here are some of my art projects.

Who are we? We are artist-clinicians, shamans, healers, not always fully realizing or completely understanding the power of this imagery in healing and affirming of life itself…we are…containers of the pain. We are the brushes, the colors, musical instruments, meter in poetry, and gesture in dance. It is a sacred obligation to be creative while treading the holy ground of art therapy. –Don Jones

Primary Art Therapists: mixed media, watercolor, ink, pastel, charcoal, marker, colored pencil, crayon, paper, glue

Rain drop mobile: paint, paper, yarn, tape, glue

Castle: Recycling (food containers, paper rolls, packaging), wood, mosaic tiles, acrylic paint, glue

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