Goals for 2016–June Update

Journal 31

I finished Journal 31!


Goals for 2016–May Update

Fountain Pens

I’ve been playing with fountain pens for years, but this is the first bottle of ink I’ve finished. Goodbye, Waterman Purple. Until I buy another purple ink for that pen…


Journal 30

I finished my 30th journal!


Goals for 2016–April Update

Goals for 2016–March Update

Comic Publications!

Check out my first published comics at The Odd Ducks, Memory: A Comic based on the thoughts of Lynda Barry” and “Louhi Steals the Sun and Moon,“based on the Kalevala.

And here is the latest letter I received from Theresa.

Journal #29–Finished!

I finished Journal #29!


The Letter Project–Letter from Theresa

Check out the latest letter I received from Theresa here.