September 2018 Update

It’s been a busy year! I’ve switched full time jobs, resumed my graduate studies at OSU, and renewed my goals for creativity. There is also good news coming for The Magnolia Review, which I can’t share yet.

I’ve started a Dream Book, my term for a book that collects my lists and dreams in one place. A place to explore ideas and to return to them later. I chose a handmade book made by Meagan Meli, because the cover says, “Here lies my thoughts undone, Started many, finished none.” Which both makes me laugh and makes me want to see if I can finish more than none.

Inktober is coming! As is NaNo (National Novel Writing Month). I’ve decided to do a science-fiction novel project this year.

My goal is to write 100 letters and share them on The Letter Project. Here is 25 and 26.

I’ve also decided to tackle my various comic project ideas, and just practice making comics in general.

My writing focus will be on revising a traditional novel, drawing ASHES: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL, and writing my new NaNo novel project.

I’ve also been reading quite a bit, and I’ve read 95 books so far this year. It’s nice to be back in the reading swing of things!

Until next time, and be creative,



Tiny Letter

I started a Tiny Letter Account, if you’d like to sign up for a short update on my creative projects.

NaNo 2017–Day 20

I made it to 50,000 words on the 13th. I was able to officially validate my novel today and be declared a winner. Right now I have 55,952 words. Now to finish some letters for my book and work on the comic layouts.

NaNo 2017–Day 11

Made it to 41,102 words. Almost there!

NaNo 2017–Day 5

Made it to 20,018. Winter Wheat helped give me some ideas for this novel and more. It was a good weekend.

NaNo 2017–Day 3

I made it to 10,816 words on day 2. Today I made it 16,594. On track for the reverse NaNo!

NaNo 2017–Day 1

Made it 8,589 words so far. Reverse NaNo is working so far this year.

NaNo 2017 and more!

I’ve decided to do National Novel Writing Month this year. I’m working on the script for my graphic novel, Ashes: The Graphic Novel. I have 3,388 words so far.

The latest issue of The Magnolia Review is available here.

2017 Update

2017 has taken some unexpected turns. I’ve moved and downsized. I’ll post soon about my writing and art. Thanks for your patience!

NaNo 2016

Ending this NaNo with 11,792 words. I didn’t make much progress this month due to illness and lack of time with school, but I do intend to continue working on this novel next year and to have a nicer draft by the end of 2017. I will also work on drawings and layouts of the graphic novel and work on the final pages.