NaNo Day 9

I made it to 10,701 words. Making some progress!


NaNo Day 8

Made it to 7,658 words!

NaNo Day 5

I made it to 6,340 words. Let’s see if I can catch up.

NaNo Day 1

Made it 1726 words! Working on the letter section of my my graphic novel.


It is almost November, which means it is time for National Novel Writing Month. This year I will be focusing on the script and panel descriptions for my graphic novel project in 30 days. Wish me luck! (For more information on NaNo, click here)

Goals for 2016–August Update

Goals for 2016–July Update

Journal #32

Journal #32 complete!


Chapter One–Aamu is Dead

Check out the first chapter of my graphic novel Ashes: The Graphic Novel here and here.

Goals for 2016–June Update