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Cooking Adventures

This week has been a cooking adventure. I made gumbo (a slightly different recipe than I normally use) and pralines on the same day. When I cut the green pepper, it was shaped like a miniature boat. For the very first time, I made stuffed flounder. I didn’t have to eat for the rest of …

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Novel Progress

I am taking steps to finish the third draft of my April novel, aka Charlotte’s story. During my first work session at Seed Coworking, I wrote 12 entries and organized my recipes into sections. Awesome.

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Making Breakfast

SinceĀ I’ve been out of school for more than three months, I’ve realized I enjoy and prefer hot breakfasts to cereal. Eggy-in-a-basket tastes even better with homemade wheat bread. Check out a recipe here. I usually make two or three and use olive oil rather than butter. Your choice. Edited from original post. Posted my own …

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