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NaNo–Day 21

I made it to 48,454 words on the 18th, and then I took the 19th and 20th off. I watched some vampire movies for inspiration since my characters encountered vampires. Now I have 52,518 words, but my novel is not complete yet. I did get my reward in the mail today for finishing NaNo–the first …

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NaNo–Day 12

Since I made such progress in the first ten days of NaNo, I decided to take a rest day. Usually I take a day off here and there, and the time off gave me time to think about the upcoming events in the story. So, I’m now at 35,310 words. And my prize for finishing …

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Reward or Bribe?

I’ve tried numerous reward systems over the last year. I can earn points for each completed task, and cash in on a prize, usually a new round of books I’ve been wanting. But what about game time? I do enjoy playing video games once in a while, even though I’m not very good. So I …

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