Reward or Bribe?

I’ve tried numerous reward systems over the last year. I can earn points for each completed task, and cash in on a prize, usually a new round of books I’ve been wanting. But what about game time? I do enjoy playing video games once in a while, even though I’m not very good. So I purchased some new games. The reward system has also been useful as a bribe to get myself to do more writing and art time. So far it has worked. For the last 6 weeks I’ve worked on writing and art for an average of 40 hours. I’ve tracked my writing minutes for the last 30 weeks. My average is 34 hours a week. Not bad. Not bad at all.

This week I’m reorganizing my personal library and my writing and art materials. I found some more poetry projects. What if I did multiple reads of the Declaration of Independence to see how many cross out poems I can write? When I did a cross out poetry workshop at Winter Wheat, I had leftover books. So there are even more cross out poems in my future!

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