Prompt–Thursday, September 1

I recently acquired my own copy of “Windblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954” by Jack Kerouac, edited by Douglas Brinkley. The prompt is based on the following sentence: “But a farm is my idea of working for a living, above all things” (62).


Above All Things

Life is work. So is farming. Each person needs to eat, and what better way to ensure I have enough but to grow it myself? It requires sweat, muscles, and early hours. In the end, though, my stomach is full.


  1. There is something is corn and chalked earth, in the crisp whispers of husks, that has the potential to make a man. There is a communion, for he is a chalice of sweat and blood on the lips of the earth.

  2. Oops. *in* corn

  3. Thanks so much for participating, Zach! I love the imagery of corn and earth. The last sentence grabbed me with “…he is a chalice of sweat and blood on the lips of the earth.”

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