Prompt–Monday, September 5

Grab a literary magazine, poetry collection or short story collection for this one.

Randomly pick two consecutive lines (or sentences) of two pieces.

I grabbed Mid-American Review, Volume 31, number 1.

from “Poem for My Father, Who Has Less to Say Now” by Chris Tanseer: “And since it’s winter, the two oaks, still bare of leaves, still standing, / try to tell another story about what happens to the body after we disappear into story.”

from “Winter lays seige to the maiden Hesiod” by Olvido Garcia Valdes: “They are sandals happy as a bath, / as summer, as happiness”

Sandals in autumn. How odd with winter
around the corner, waiting for leaves to fall
into open graves. At least the tree-children
will decompose with the rest of us.

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