Well, I have made an improvement in my word count today. I wrote before class, at the write-in at the Union, and at the unofficial Prairie Margins write-in. And I used Dr. Wicked Write or Die (http://writeordie.com/) to write an additional 2,000 words. And I wrote two poems on top of that. Today was just an inspired writing day. I hope you are doing well with your word goals! If nothing else, keep up your writing regime.

My finger is improving. No more splint for me! Just exercises and more ice.

The round table discussion at Winter Wheat last Friday¬†about reading fees was interesting. I did not realize it was such a debate in the literary community. I use www.duotrope.com to search for literary magazines to submit to, and they have a rule about publications charging a fee to not be listed on their site. I know I can’t afford to pay for a reading fee, and there are many free markets available. What do you think? Are you willing to pay two or three dollars when you submit?

I bought a copy of 2011 Writer’s Market. I am so excited to read the articles and see the updates. If you are not familiar with Writer’s Market, check it out: www.writersmarket.com.

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