Last night after work I continued my NaNo novel. I reached 31,036 before I called it quits and went to bed. After sleeping, I got up and wrote for four and a half hours straight (with breaks of course) and I ate traditional Thanksgiving fare. I am very thrilled to be ahead of the projected 40,008 words for today. My finger has improved enough that typing is more bearable.

I have also planned the remaining big scenes of the novel. I am not much of an outliner, but I always have a vague idea of what scenes need to be written.

To understand Charlotte’s love interest a little better, I used “What Would Your Character Do?” by Eric Maisel and Ann Maisel to help generate ideas for his reactions to a situation and compare it to how Charlotte would react. I used scenario No. 5: Elegant Party. He is more extroverted than I thought, which is a good thing to know. I love it when characters surprise you.

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