Prompt–Sunday, December 4

Watch this video:

Then write a scene where one character says sorry to another character, or write a poem where you use anaphora ( with “I am sorry.”

Here’s mine.

I am sorry that I don’t play the violin
anymore. It’s hard to pull out music
you once enjoyed when we were together.
I am sorry that we aren’t on speaking
terms. I don’t call you and you don’t
call me. I still have your number.
I am sorry that my favorite dessert
is still your grandma’s homemade
strawberry cheesecake. I haven’t
tried to make it myself.
I am sorry that things didn’t work
out between us.
I am sorry that I broke it off
in a way that left you in tears
for a year. I cried too. Several
times. Over the next year
and a half, I couldn’t go out
with someone else.
I am sorry you’ll never read
this poem and realize
it was written for you.
I am sorry.

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