The Search for Ink and Stories

Earlier this week I finished my first short story for December. So now I’m in the lead. 1-0. The short story I finished was based on “The Young Man with the Carnation” by Isak Dinesen in “The Winter’s Tales.” Check it out if you haven’t read the collection already.

Last night I made a list of short stories I want to write. There are 21 stories. That’s good news for December. After exams, I’ll try to write one short story a day. And another friend gave me my first fountain pen. I wrote my short story list with it. Fountain pens are quite addicting.

I’m going to work on my April/NaNo novel too in December, and once I find ink for my typewriter, I’m going to revise by typing it on the typewriter. Otherwise, I will revise the new-fashioned way–on the computer. The search for ink continues!


  1. A story a day – that’s pretty ambitious. My goal is one per week, and that’s tough enough. Good luck.

    Be careful with the addiction to fountain pens. I love the things and can’t stop buying them – especially vintage ones. There’s something about using a fine writing instrument that it over fifty years old and still writes better than anything made today.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Since I focused on a novel in November and I have so many ideas for short stories, writing a story a day seemed to be the only way to achieve rough drafts for them. We’ll have to see how it turns out after exams next week.

      I’ll try to be careful with the fountain pens. There is something with slowing down the process of writing words on the page, with a fountain pen or a typewriter. For me it makes the process a little more sacred. Thanks for sharing your experiences with fountain pens.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

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