A well-balanced meal

I made fried chicken for the first time today.

And of course I had to have green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. Thanksgiving in February.

The poetry project on hands is going well. Funnily enough I’ve injured my hands every day of the project including but not limited to: scratches, bruises, burns. I have also sliced my finger on a sharp edge.

These experiences have generated several poems, let alone my history with hand injuries.


  1. Ouch! for the hand injuries, but the food looks good, even to a vegetarian!

  2. Thanks! I’m trying to be a vegetarian, which is easier because I dislike cooking meat. So the fact I made fried chicken was a feat for me. I much prefer to eat meat cooked by other people, so when I cook, it’s vegetarian fare except for rare occasions.

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