Prompt–Sunday, May 27

If you could hang out with your inner child for two hours, what would you do? Make a list of activities you’ve always wanted to do. Some can be free or for the price of some supplies. Inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.”

My list of what I would like to do with my inner child:

1. Spray paint cardboard.
2. Play in the mud.
3. Go to the zoo.
4. Run barefoot in the rain.
5. Make something out of duct tape.
6. Make a tent out of sheets and tell scary stories.


  1. Lilly

    Mine would be stuff like…rolling down hills, climbing willow trees, laying in the rain, singing way too loud, float in a pool with a full moon or even playing with my old stuffed bunny Suzy

    • Fantastic! I’ve never climbed a willow tree, and now I would like to. What’s your bunny’s name? Thanks for sharing!

      • Suzy…

      • Suzy :o)

  2. I’m sorry! It’s a fantastic name:)

  3. My nickname is Suzy, so I thought you were using it. And I love the way you spelled it. I see Suzi or Suzie more often than Suzy.

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