Bookbinding Adventures

In preparation for my session at Winter Wheat, I finished some bookbinding projects I started. I made a noble stitch sidebound for a friend with the bird cover, attempted a new stitch pattern for the blue speckled cover, and sewed two more journals, one with the Coptic Stitch and the other with the French Link Stitch. I like both of these stitches because they let the pages lie flat when I write, making it easier to not worry about the inside margin being unusable or unreadable. I lucked out with the one journal and had the shape of a phoenix appear on the front. Serendipity for my NaNo novel!

The first Winter Wheat readings and sessions went well. I enjoyed hearing Sharona Muir read from “Invisible Beasts” and Anne Valente read from “By Light We Knew Our Names.” My first session dealt with zines and micro-presses, where we made an X Book and added a cover. My second session was improv, where we played several games, like naming seven things you wouldn’t want to find on the beach, superheroes, and freeze. Always say, “Yes, and?” I used the improv exercises as a prompt to write about a roommate trying to write a NaNo novel and being stuck. My own NaNo novel is at 36,191 words.

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