NaNo–Day 16

41288 words. Wow. I can’t believe that I’m almost to the finish line, though now I realize this book is more likely a trilogy than a standalone novel.

The second day of Winter Wheat sessions was also successful. I attended a session about rejection with Laura Maylene Walter. I’m inspired to attempt 250 submissions in one year (2015, here we come). My bookbinding session went very well, attended by 27 people, each making three books. Mary Biddinger spoke on how to turn a pile of poems into a book, so I am excited to try her organization suggestions with my pile of poems (time, alphabetical, etc.). And lastly, I wrote myself out of the box with Chelsea Cooper and Michelle Deschenes. I enjoyed the Twister exercise and photo prompts.


  1. Great to see you at WW, Suzanna. Nice to hear you liked the sessions, and that your own session went well.

  2. Thank you, Lawrence! It was great to see you too. As always, I enjoyed every session and the readings. I’m excited for next year’s WW!

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