NaNo 2018–Day 15–65,223 words

I’ve been doing NaNo for ten years, and this has been my best year ever.

  • I beat my wordiest day from 2014 on the 1st.
  • I beat my wordiest day again on the 12th.
  • I reached 50K on day 12, and my previous record was 13.
  • I have not missed a day of writing, and though they were not high word counts, I did add to my word count on the days that were packed with school and work.
  • My daily average is higher than it has ever been–I’m on track to doing my first 100K ever!
  • My novel finally has a decent ending-just need to wrap it up, and sometimes endings are hard for me. I want to reach THE END.
  • When I finish this novel, I’m going to do my first Dare novel.

Word Count Totals:

Day 1: 10,224 words for the day, 10,224 total. Nice! You beat your record.

Day 2: 1,063 words for the day, 11,287 total.

Day 3: 965 words, 12,252 total

Day 4: 155 words, 12,407 total

Day 5: 7,729 words, 20,136 total

Day 6: 4,263 words, 24,399 total

Day 7: 2,982 words, 27,381 total

Day 8: 5,370 words, 32,751 total

Day 9: 3,297 words, 36,048 total

Day 10: 4,638 words, 40,686 total

Day 11: 5,330 words, 46,016 total

Day 12: 12,107 words, 58,123 total. You beat your new wordiest day record!

Day 13: 2,081 words, 60,204 total

Day 14: 541 words, 60,745 total

Day 15: 4,478 words, 65,223 total

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