NaNo 2018–Day 30–, 91,001 words

Wow, what a month! It turns out that I did not reach the end of the story until 91,001 words, so I did not do a Dare novel this time, though that is still something I would like to do. I also did not reach 100K, but 91K is pretty close. I beat several of my personal records for wordiest day and wordiest novel. I wrote every day and increased my daily word count average. This is definitely one of my better first drafts, and I’m planning the edits using Story Grid.

  • I beat my wordiest day from 2014 on the 1st.
  • I beat my wordiest day again on the 12th.
  • I beat my wordiest day yet again on the 18th, with 12,116 words.
  • I reached 50K on day 12, and my previous record was 13.
  • I have not missed a day of writing, and though some were not high word counts, I did add to my word count on the days that were packed with school and work.
  • My daily average is higher than it has ever been–4,000 words

Instead of waiting until January to do goals, I’ve decided to challenge myself and see what I can accomplish by August 2019 by starting in December. There will be lots of fiction, poetry, comics, sketchbooks, literary magazine submissions, and language learning in the posts to come.


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