Goals for 2019

Since I have eight months before I start graduate school (applications are in!), I have decided to focus on writing and art.

I bought some big sketchbooks and paper to make text blocks for handmade books. I have supplies to try out acrylic pour painting.

Basically, I want to write a lot of poems, write new short fiction, revise two novels, submit like crazy to literary magazines, and draw my graphic novel, as I practice drawing (comics, figure, still life) and painting (watercolor, gouache, oil) and make more bookbinding projects and do more sculpture (plaster, wood, and take a crack at small stone sculptures). In my usual crazy number style. See how much I can accomplish. Oh, and exercise and my improve diet. Because what is a New Year’s Resolution without that?

At the moment, I am currently wrapping up Volume 5, Issue 1 of The Magnolia Review. It’s exciting to see the biggest issue yet, with the theme of Lost and Found. Submissions are open for Volume 5, Issue 2, with the theme of Questions.

And, shocker, I bought my first MP3 player so I could listen to music as I write and art. Then I’m not tempted to scroll the internet. Maybe I’ll get around to those YouTube playlists and finally listen to some podcasts.

I’ve read 115 books in 2018. Let’s see if I can beat that next year.

My word of the year is DO.

Gouache July 2018.png

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